About Us

School of Energy Science and Engineering is one of the major engineering schools with strong and comprehensive discipline system in Central South University. It was established on the basis of metallurgical thermal energy, thermal instrumentation and control of former Central South University of Technology, and vehicle refrigeration and refrigerated transportation, HVAC and other disciplines of former Changsha Railway College. The School of Energy and Power engineering was established in 2002 and renamed as the School of Energy Science and Engineering in 2005. The current Secretary of the Party Committee is Professor Shengming Liao, and the Dean is Professor Zhiqiang Sun.

At present, the school includes more than 90 faculty members, more than 1000 undergraduate students and more than 350 master and doctoral students. There are 3 offices including general office, business office, and academic office, 5 departments including Department of Engineering Thermophysics and Automation, Department of Thermal Energy Engineering, Department of Power Machinery and Engineering, Department of Refrigeration and Artificial Environment, and Department of New Energy Science and Engineering, and 1 experimental center. There are 3 undergraduate majors including energy and power engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, and new energy science and engineering. The school has a first-level discipline of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (a key discipline in Hunan Province including 6 second-level disciplines of engineering thermophysics, thermal engineering, power machinery and engineering, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, new energy science and engineering, and energy system engineering).

The school has the doctor's and master's degree awarding points of the second-level discipline of HVAC (national key discipline), the master's degree awarding points of energy power and doctor's degree awarding points of transportation. The school has the post-doctoral stations of the first-level discipline of power engineering and engineering thermophysics as well as the second-level discipline of HVAC. The school has research and social service platforms including the National and Local Joint Engineering Center of Intelligent Integrated Energy Efficiency Management Technology (co-construction), Hunan Key Laboratory of Energy-saving Technology for Process Industry, Hunan Heat Pump Engineering Technology Research Center (co-construction), Hunan Engineering Research Center of Energy Big Data (co-construction), Collaborative Innovation Center for Key Technologies of Building Energy Conservation and Environmental Control (co- construction), Hunan Energy Conservation Evaluation Technology Research Center, Energy and Environmental Testing and Evaluation Center of Central South University, etc.

Standing at a new starting point, facing new missions and opportunities, the school is committed to building a world-class energy discipline system with Central South University characteristics, building an important base for cultivating high-quality talents with both political integrity and academic ability in the energy field, and building an important academic area with equal emphasis on basic research and wide application of energy science and technology. Moral education, forge ahead, and strive for success. Accelerate the pace of connotative development, promote the construction of high-quality disciplines, and build the school into an academic holy land that students dream of and scholars aspire to. In the overall situation of "double first-class" construction, wring a wonderful chapter of "Central South Energy".